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Exploring options for addressing your hearing loss or tinnitus should not feel like the process for buying a car.  We take hearing healthcare seriously and feel who you buy hearing aids from is just as important as which aids are fitted.  At the East Penn Hearing Center we offer:

  • Comprehensive audiologic and tinnitus evaluations
  • A no pressure environment
  • Fair pricing that we will provide over the phone
  • Technology from several manufacturers
  • No obligation demonstrations and free trials
  • Mobile service including on-site visits at assisted living facilities

What you will not find at the East Penn Hearing Center:

  • "Must buy today" promotions or coupons off inflated prices
  • Fake Research Trials
  • Open house activities with out of town "experts"
  • Pressure to buy only high end hearing aids

If you have had a bad experience in the past or are unsatisfied with your current hearing aids, please call us for a complimentary consultation.  We can often work with and re-program your current hearing aids for better performance.  We work with most insurance plans and serve adults and children (ages 4 and older).

What Makes us Different?

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